Now Supports Multi-Site Network Activation

  • Sort the Post/Page list by featured Images
  • Control the thumbnail size for the Post List Column
  • Filter by Posts with or without Featured Images assigned.
Quick Edit Featured Images
  • Autoset Featured Image
  • Change Featured Image
  • Add new Featured Image
  • Remove current Featured Image
  • Full control right from the Post/Page list pages
  • The Developer's License Now Supports single activation on Multi-site Networks
  • The greatest and most valued feature for the Pro addon is the ability to Quick Edit featured images.
  • Auto Set Featured Image
  • Support for Custom Post Types
  • Auto Set Support for Custom Post types
  • Detects Custom Post Type UI created Post types
  • Detects first image on a post/page and automatically assigns it
  • Automatically detects properly formated post types from other plugins
  • Set a default Featured Image to insure there is a thumbnail for all your posts
  • If no image is present, the Featured Image is set to the Default Featured Image

WordPress Plugins - Jagged Edge Media

Here at JEM we are dedicated to developing WordPress Plugins that serve the masses in a way that will eventually save millions of minutes across the WordPress world. most of our plugins are Admin User and Developer friendly interfaces that contribute to speed and efficiency, while administering a website on WordPress.

As developers for clients, many of our ideas come from a personal desire to speed up our own processes on client tasks and deliverables. Our first published plugin, Post List Featured Image Plugin, came about from my desire to be able to sift through the hundreds of featured images through the hundreds of posts, on a client's website.

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention." ~ unknown

Therefore, we seek out to not only fill the gaps in some WordPress Plugins that already exist, but to invent ones that address the everyday needs of the WordPress Community that we are a part of.

WordPress Plugins - Jagged Edge Media

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Post List Featured Image Plugin for WordPress

With the free version, available through the WordPress Plugins public repository, we kept it very simple and easy to use.

So we have included this in our list of WordPress Plugins, to help users like you more easily navigate through your featured images.

However, we have gone the extra step to create added features in the Pro Addon for this plugin. Some of the additions were our ideas and others came to us through our Featured Request Rewards Program. We have now and always intend on giving value to all our users, so keeping our prices affordable and fair, will always be our goal for all of our upcoming Premium WordPress Plugins.

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